Make Homeownership Affordable. You can fix the housing crisis.

Residential Homestead Rights Act 2024

Housing Insecurity is killing Americans.

According to the National Institute of Health, renters are more likely to suffer from chronic disease, heart failure, stroke, and anxiety than homeowners. Link 

Sign the petition to restrict investment bankers and foreign money from buying single family homes.

Every home in America should be owned by citizens, working immigrants, and lastly, investment firms that are USA based. That being said, if investors want to own residential properties, make them BUILD new inventory and restrict them from buying existing inventory. This is a simple and real solution to the housing crisis. The equity in homes should go to individual owners to cover medical costs, education, and security, improving the quality of life. Housing should be a human right.


Find PDF documents on housing studies with summary content for broadcasting.

One out of Six homes are purchased by Investment Groups, this NEEDS to stop.


In 2021, one out of six home sales went to investment groups. Having trouble buying a home? Cannot afford to move? Let's do something tangible by asking Congress to change the laws. 2015 Chinese Invested over $22 BILLION in USA Homes. 62% of Americans cannot qualify to purchase a home due to lack of savings.
Record numbers of Americans have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic, but rent is still due for many of them. Hasan investigates the underlying issues with housing in America as well as the impending eviction crisis many renters may be facing in months to come. 

Blackstone just received a Government Contract to disperse the COVID-19 Rescue Package Dollars and they represent FOREIGN INTEREST. Blackstone is one of many Wall Street Investment Groups that made up 11.8% of ALL RESIDENTIAL HOME PURCHASES. Combine that with CHINA independents’ buying homes with CASH and citizens are left to become slaves to rent. More than 24% of homes sold in Orange County California are now rental properties in 2019-2020. 

Young families that offered $15K over asking price are losing their bids because Chinese investors are paying CASH!

This is a major issue in the Southern California Market than others. Our estimates show 11-15% of all home sales in Irvine California are Cash and through the Real Estate Records, this number is estimated to be double based on the fact there are no recording requirements of who's purchasing the home.


video library - how our nation is in a deep decline...

1ST VIDEO: This needs to stop. Why do we allow a Canadian company eating up our land and homes and turning USA into a renter's society?.

2ND VIDEO: Uphill Battle with Politians and what you can do instead.

NEXT VIDEO: The BEST Way to fix income inequality is to make home ownership affordible again.

FOLLOWING VIDEO: Renting meand evictions, suppression, and class separation.

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Rent Equals Eviction

owning a HOME!

As a previous home owner, I know that calling the places I rent a Home is a joke. Over 2,000,000 (Two Million) evictions per year, before the pandemic. After 2008 housing crises, more Wall Street and Foreign Dollars purchased housing to rent, leaving millions homeless or strapped to pay high rents. 

What We Need To Do!

Fight Back, Stop Foreign Investments and Wall Street from buying residential properties completely or reduce to a fair amount.

Australia Said NO

Successful Campaigns Across The World are Stopping Foreign Ownership of Residential Properties


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